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Hi mommas! We all have that love hate relationship with Monday's, right? I mean come on, it's the beginning of the work week, which could mean a ton of things, right? Like, nursing schedules, family meal preparations, baby food prep, cloth diapering routines, laundry, work, school schedule, homework, and extra curricular activities for our little ones. That's just to name a few things that go on in the day to day life of a mother! Which is the hardest yet most rewarding job that there is might I add. So with that said, MONDAY'S ARE FOR MOMMAS! 
I've created a GroupMe discussion titled, "Mommas Need Love Too" where mothers can lean on one another, vent with one another, and most of all encourage each other EVERY Monday.  

For those that are interested, please contact Mommin' Society for the discussion link.


Love Yourself is an event that is based off of affirming our self-love. As self-love is often lacked, shattered, or minimal, Mommin Society has set out to create a space where self-love is uplifted and welcomed. As we all face difficulties within motherhood and womanhood, our self-love should not suffer. Let's come together to reflect on our self-love and hopefully leave with a feeling of purity, joy, and excitement for ourselves and our lives.



The Motherhood Matters movement was created by Mommin’ Society to unify mothers within North Carolina. As the movement transpire, mothers within this state will participate in many events in hopes of creating mothering communities throughout neighborhoods and cities. Additionally, Motherhood Matters will provide mothers with a space and outlet to refocus, relax, indulge in self-care, become motivated, resilient, and willing and able to fulfill their role. Motherhood Matters will create bonds and friendships amongst other mothers and their children as we all tackle the demands of motherhood & embrace our motherly and womanly qualities. All proceeds from the Motherhood Matters t-shirt’s will assist in this endeavor.