Our Impact

At Mommin Society, we provide mothers and their children with essentials in hopes of reducing any stressors that may arise. In doing so, evidence based research determines that, providing mothers with an assessment of their needs will better improve the quality of care for them and their child(ren) (Muzik, Rosenblum, Alfafara, Schuster, Miller, Waddell & Kohler, 2015.) Mommin Society seek to decrease the lack of support and situations that may arise within the realm of motherhood and childhood. Mommin Society implements assessment outcomes in 3 month increments for all mothers and children that they assist within the motherhood journey. As a result, what was a stressor in the past, is no longer a factor due to the sufficient and evidence based assistance that we provide within Fayetteville, North Carolina and surrounding cities. 

At Mommin Society, we strive to empower all women within Fayetteville, North Carolina and surrounding cities. In doing so, we promote the benefits of women empowerment and the effect that it has on women within their community. Additionally, evidence based research suggests that providing women with self-care groups and woman empowerment events will increase their confidence level through belonging and acceptance (Swirsky & Angelone, 2016.) Mommin Society seeks to implement women empowerment events and self-care groups throughout its organization. In doing so, Mommin Society will focus on increasing the communal sisterhood and the positive impact that communal sisterhoods will have within the lives of all women that seek feminine and self confidence within Fayetteville, North Carolina and surrounding cities. 


"Mommin Society's Love Yourself event was empowering, honest, genuine, and just what I needed." - Nakiyah Fisher


Mommin Society provides quality service and care to everyone that they assist. 


Assisting mothers since August 2017. 


"This is definitely needed. I wish I had a support group of this nature when I had my first child. Because post pardom was something that I dealt with and it really was hard for me. It will be appreciated. So this is GREAT!!" - Twanda Daye

Donate today! Mommin Society greatly appreciates your efforts in enhancing the quality of life for women, mothers, and their children. Thank you for giving. 


Mothers are? Regal. Powerful. Beautiful. Resilient. Strong. Sacrifice. Love. Genuine. Creators. Mentors. Lovers. Wives. And so so so much more. This is why Motherhood Matters.