Mommin Society is a Non-profit Organization, founded on August 22nd, 2017. As a mother, I felt disconnected from my womanhood, pregnancy, and birth due to my lack of knowledge regarding Doula services, Induction, Cesarean birth, Recovery, Post-partum depression, and Friendship decrease. As a result, Mommin Society was founded based off of my eagerness and willingness to change the perplexed cycle of miseducation and the lack thereof within womanhood and motherhood. Likewise, Mommin Society was founded to empower women to wholeheartedly love and care for themselves and to embrace everything about their womanhood gracefully and confidently.


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Mommin Society also has social media accounts available, highlighting its diversity, activities, motherhood tips, and a look into the founders and members own motherhood experiences.

Mommin Society's social media accounts focus on the beauty of womanhood and all of its facets and the oneness of mother and child as mothers learn and grow together throughout this remarkable time in their lives. 

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About the Founder


Quanisha E. Freeman

As a devoted partner to her soon to be husband, Quanisha has always been taken away by the bond of mother and child and the qualities of women. Upon finding out about her pregnancy, she was ecstatic. Quanisha suffered two miscarriages prior to the birth of her son, Ellington M. Callwood. As a mother of a now one-year-old, Quanisha has plunged herself into full-time mommin' mode, after resigning from her workplace early on in her pregnancy. Quanisha has advocated for mothers throughout multiple social groups dedicated to mothers and parenting and has always been there to answer any questions a mother may have about this new stage in her life. Additionally, Quanisha put forth countless effort as she assisted mothers with breastfeeding, cloth-diapering, baby food preparation, health tips, and a listening ear and encouraging words when mommin' made mothers discouraged, upset, and frustrated. Starting an organization for women, mothers and their children had been a long life dream of hers and she is pleased to see the abundance of support that she is receiving from women and mothers from all walks of life and throughout her community. Quanisha's ultimate goal for Mommin Society is to support women, mothers and their children to reach higher expectations, aspirations, and goals that they have desired for their life through support services, community outreach, educational seminars, volunteer events, self-care activities, and much more.  



University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Master of Social Work, Current

Fayetteville State University
Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, 2014

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